How to Do the Stretch Test To Check Your Hair Elasticity?

Is your hair brittle and do you want it to be more flexible?
Keep reading as I’ll give you some insights into hair elasticity and why it’s something you should think about for your hair. Ready to learn how to create balance and improve the elasticity of your hair?
Let’s get you started!

Hair Stretch Test: How to Do?

This simple “stretch test” will tell you a lot about the elasticity of your hair, which is a good indication of its overall health.
Let’s do a quick and easy hair stretch test.
1 - Hold a strand of wet hair securely at the root to avoid pulling it. Gently stretch the hair with the other hand.
2 - Release the hair. The hair is elastic if it stretches and returns to its original length upon release.
3 - Your hair has low elasticity if it breaks easily or does not bounce back into shape.

Why Does Moisturizing Help Reduce Low Hair Elasticity?

Hair that lacks elasticity can be prone to breakage and excessive stretching, which can lead to hair loss. Here are reasons why adding moisture to your hair is essential, just like it is to your skin.
  • Moisture can help reduce low hair elasticity by replenishing the natural oils in the hair shaft.
  • Moisture can also help to seal in hydration and prevent the hair from becoming dry and brittle.
  • In addition, moisture can help to protect the hair from damage and breakage.

Keeping the hair shaft moisturized can help reduce the risk of low hair elasticity and keep your locks looking healthy and lustrous.

Top Tips on Improving Your Hair Elasticity.

If you're looking for ways to improve the elasticity of your hair, here are a few personal tips that may help.
  • Regular conditioning is key to keeping your hair healthy and elastic.
  • I also recommend using the Lavidoux Hair Repair Mask, which is a great deep conditioner.
  • Weekly hair mask treatments can also be beneficial.
  • Please, avoid over-drying your hair. This can damage the proteins in your hair and make it more brittle.
  • Always, invest in shampoos, conditioners, & hair styling products that contain ingredients that improve elasticity. I prefer to use hair products containing honey.

Use Lavidoux Hair Repair Mask with Amber Extract and Argan Oil to Restore Your Hair Elasticity

Lavidoux Hair Repair Mask with Amber Extract and Argan Oil hydrates and nourishes your hair, making it more manageable and giving it a healthy glow.
Let’s talk about its ingredients! It contains Amber extracts, which act as natural antioxidants, and argan oil, which contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help to maintain healthy, strong hair.
How to use this mask? Simply apply it to clean, damp hair and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. After rinsing, shampoo as usual with warm water. Two to three times a week is the best frequency for using the mask.
I hope this article has been helpful if you’re looking for a way to restore your hair's elasticity and shine.