How to Get Rid of Split Ends and Prevent their Return

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Split Ends for Good

Split ends can take a toll on your appearance. This is why it is crucial that you do something about getting rid of them. However, not every method you use is likely to offer the results that you are looking for. To help make your life a whole lot easier, we have created the ultimate post. It shares all the answers that you are looking for.

Causes of Split Ends

When it comes to treating split ends, you first need to focus on the source of the problem. Only when you understand the cause of the problem would you be able to treat it. Here are the main causes of split ends.

  1. Applying a Lot of Heat

One of the main causes of split ends is applying too much heat to your hair. When you use your hairdryer excessively at high temperatures, you end up damaging your hair. The same goes for just about every type of heated styling tool out there. As much as you might like straightening your tool, it is important that you look for an alternative.

  1. Exposure to the Sun

Spending too much time in the sun can damage your hair and result in split ends. Even though it can be fun to head outside, you have to be careful of the sun’s ray as they lead to split ends. Consider wearing a cap or hat to protect your hair. It will work wonders.

  1. Over-Styling

Over-styling your hair is a sure recipe for split ends. There are different ways to over-style such as too much combing or over-brushing. Even pulling your hair frequently is likely to cause damage. Yanking your hair will only cause problems. Hence, you must ditch the habit. Moreover, it is best that you stick to a scrunchies and ditch elastic hair ties. Stick to soft fabric when trying to tie your hair.

  1. Using Hot Water to Wash Your Hair

When it comes to washing your hair, you must stick to a moderate temperature. If you use water that is very hot, it would leave your hair parched. It would also dry your scalp which would eventually lead to split ends. Besides, using hot water to clean your hair is likely to have an adverse effect on the health of your hair. It would dry out your hair.

  1. Chemical Treatments

If you decide to get chemical treatments often, they are likely to leave your hair dry. In order for the color treatment to offer results, they open up your cuticles. After your cuticles have opened, they would be vulnerable and more likely to become dry. Hence, you must be extra careful if you have colored or bleached hair.

Steps to Get Rid of Split Ends

Now that you have an idea about the main culprits behind split ends, it’s time that you focus on fixing the problem. Here’s how you can do that.

  1. Cut Your Hair

The first step that you need to take to treat split ends is to cut them. If you let your split ends stay, they would only ride into your hair shaft and cause more damage. In fact, you might even experience breakage. This is why it is best that you get to the bottom of the problem and trim them every 6 weeks. The truth is that cutting your hair actually makes them healthier and more beautiful.

  1. Keep It Cool

Next, you need to go easy on the straighteners and help your hair cool down. It makes sense to decrease the temperature of your hairdryer. In addition to this, your hair should naturally once every week. You can even use leave-in conditioner for adding moisture when styling your hair. Hence, you must cut down on heat and make sure that your hair is moisturized. Besides, moisture would smooth the cuticles and prevent damage.

  1. Love Your Hair

The secret to getting rid of split ends is loving your hair. It will allow you to take care of it. Go easy on the brushing and avoid pulling and tugging your hair. This is especially true when your hair is wet. If you comb your hair when it is wet, you will need to ensure that you stick to a wide-tooth comb. Hold onto your hair to avoid pulling the roots. Take care of the ends and work your way to the roots.

  1. Treat It

Lastly, you have to treat your hair. It is a good idea to use nourishing ingredients to make your hair shine. You need to focus on adding moisture. Get hair products that are packed with moisture so that your hair does not dry out.

Recommendations for Preventing Split Ends

To help you prevent split ends for good, you should consider the following recommendations.

  • Less Heat Is Better: It is recommend that you wash your hair in warm water but make sure that it is not too hot. Consider a cooler setting for the hairdryer and stay away from straighteners. Do use heat protection.
  • Get a Quality Hairbrush: Brushing allows you to make your hair shine. It does an incredible job at distributing the natural oils and improving the overall health of hair. However, you must avoid over-brushing as it causes damage.
  • Look after Wet Hair: Gently squeeze the water out of your hair. Some towels might be very harsh on your hair. Get a microfiber towel for the best results.
  • Protect Your Hair from the Sun: Keep you hair covered when the sun is glaring at you to minimize damage.
  • Seek Regular Trims: The fact is that a haircut should never be considered a one-off event. Get a haircut every 8 weeks for preventing split ends.
  • Get a satin or silk pillow: When you move around while sleeping, you would end up damaging your hair. Hence, you should opt for a slippery fabric such as satin.
  • Boost Hair Moisture: Condition your hair with each shampoo session. A deep conditioning treatment is also worth it.