LavidouX Bags Another Huge Achievement

LavidouX’s hair care products are now available at the many Brands for Less stores throughout the UAE.

LavidouX is known for its superior hair care blends and formulas that date back to 1849. LavidouX has come a long way since its inception. Our products offer a touch of sophistication. Our success in Europe has paved the way for great performance in the UAE market. We are committed to developing and expanding into more lucrative markets.

As the leading natural haircare brand, LavidouX wanted to expand and take over the UAE market. Ever since our entry in the UAE market, LavidouX has only received positive feedback from customers. Due to the dry weather and high heat in the region, our UAE customers find our hair care products to be just what they need. LavidouX offers products that thoroughly clean your hair without causing any damage to hair roots and the scalp.

We provide safe and chemical-free products that customers can rely on. We understand the importance of having healthy hair, and we strive to provide the best hair care products that are free from strong fragrances and harmful ingredients. We only offer all-age-friendly products to our valued customers. No colorants, sulfates, parabens, or sodium chloride are used to create the range. Each ingredient that is used to create the hair care range is ethically sourced with great care.

Our Northern European ethos and our desire to provide the best hair care to everyone have inspired us to enter the UAE market. LavidouX aims to develop excellent hair care products so that our customers can have amazing hair that makes them feel confident.

The following product category are currently available at Brands for Less in the UAE.

  • Natural Nordic Cotton Hair Shampoo and Conditioner: Each product protects hair from exposure to frost, wind, dust, and sun.

LavidouX offers natural and organic products that customers can count on for looking after their hair. What has set us apart from the beginning is the fact that we care about our customers. As people started using our hair care products, they started to notice that their hair became soft and luscious. Our customers do not have to wash their hair as often and can increase the gap between washes. We strive to help put an end to greasiness of the scalp.

LavidouX always tries to develop new products to cater to different hair conditions. Our European scientific team strives to make natural products affordable and more accessible. Professionalism and use of technology have laid the foundation for us to become experts in the field of hair care. Anyone looking for a product that caters to all types of problems will find LavidouX to be the ultimate option. We use natural ingredients to offer hair care products to ensure deep care.

Begin your healthy hair care journey today with LavidouX.