LavidouX - Nature Care to Make Your Hair Shine

As a natural hair care brand, LavidouX grew its customers in Europe and is now expanding in the UAE market.

Dedicated to providing its customers with safe and gentle products, LavidouX knows how important it is to maintain healthy and glowy hair in our high-tech world. LavidouX abandons harmful ingredients and strong fragrances and creates all-age friendly products that are completely free of Sodium Chloride, Parabens, Sulphates and Colorants.

The product line of LavidouX covers shampoo, hair conditioner and hair masks, with unique recipes and traditions that can be traced back to 1849. The brand’s products are currently divided into three categories:

  • Natural Nordic Cotton Collection - Scandinavian Cotton extract protects your hair from sun, dust, wind, and frost.
  • Hair Growth with Amber Extract - Amber extract stimulates blood circulation and cell regeneration.
  • Hair Repair Collection - Recovers dry and damaged hair (upcoming)

Being natural and organic has become a trend in the industrial world today, and customers are often blinded by different eye-catching ads that are designed to “make money”. The attention LavidouX has put on making its products and the care the brand has shown to its customers are what sets it apart from the rest of its peers.

True customer experience values more than an over-invested campaign, and with LavidouX, we hear:  

“After starting to wash my hair with this shampoo, I felt my hair feel really soft - none of the dryness I often experience with other brands. And what is even more important - I have been able to increase the intervals between washes! Instead of washing my hair daily, I am comfortably going 3 days between washes with no greasiness in the scalp. Truly recommend!”

-- Emilia, The United Arab Emirates

Having made its start and success in Europe, LavidouX is taking over the market in the UAE. Due to the differences in geography and climate, western products aren’t always applicable to worldwide customers. Surprisingly, LavidouX received positive feedback with its first attempt with the UAE customers.

As another alternative option for the UAE customers’ hair care routine, LavidouX’s natural and gentle ingredients seem to have offered extra protection to their hair, especially under the high heat and dry weather. Common moisturizing products and the use of hair conditioner would bring greasiness to your hair very quickly, but LavidouX would clean your hair thoroughly without damaging your scalp and hair roots.

LavidouX strives to invent more products dedicated to different hair conditions. This European scientific team has invested their passion into the products and their aim is to make natural products accessible and affordable to more customers, instead of going into a commercial battle to win more capital. What lays behind LavidouX are science and professional work, and it is never wrong to trust the experts in the field!

A brand’s spirit says it all, and a product with genuine care gives you more. If you want a simple product that can cover all your hair problems for you, then Lavidoux is the one to go for. It is simple on the outside but sophisticated its natural and nutritious ingredients.

Start your Hair Care Journey Now and nurture your Hair Professionally and Naturally!