Healthy Hair: The Best Foods for Hair Growth

Everyone wants to have amazing hair. However, most people do not realize that they are what they eat. To promote hair growth, it is crucial to follow a holistic approach. There are three essentials of healthy hair growth. These include a healthy balanced diet that consists of the right food, scalp-care, and hydration. The fact is that your hair is made up of protein just like your skin.

Not only do you need a healthy balanced diet of proteins, whole grains, fruit, and vegetables for healthy skin, but also for your hair. To help ensure healthy hair growth, we have prepared the ultimate post. Let’s take a look at the foods that encourage healthy hair growth.

    Leafy Greens

      One of the best foods for hair growth is leafy greens. For starters, you should eat follicle-boosting spinach as it is necessary for increasing your iron levels. Since iron helps support red blood cells by carrying oxygen to your body, you need to add it to your diet. Spinach also offers Vitamins A and C which are needed for producing sebum, moisturizing the scalp, and ensuring that your body absorbs iron. It is a great idea to include spinach leaves in a salad. You can always add some lemon and olive oil for better absorption of iron.


          The next food that is good for hair growth is apricots. The delicious fruit is loaded with nutrients that accelerate hair growth. As it contains a good amount of Vitamin A, it will ensure better blood circulation which would produce healthy hair. In addition to this, apricots also contain magnesium which is a follicle-friendly mineral that helps keep hair healthy.


              If there is one fruit that you should eat regularly for beautiful hair and a healthy body, it is none other than avocado. It is a nutrition powerhouse that comprises Vitamins C, D, E, and B6 along with potassium and magnesium. Thus, it acts as an antioxidant, reduces stress, and boosts the building of cells. Eating avocados ensures that you increase your intake of essential fatty acids. Besides eating avocado, you can even apply the fruit to your hair. It explains why avocado oil is used in hair masks and conditioners.

                Blackberries and Raspberries

                  Berries are amazing for your hair. Although they might seem small, they are packed with Vitamin C which boosts the absorption of iron. Therefore, you need to add berries to your diet for strong hair. They also increase the production of collagen which acts as an antioxidant, produces healthy hair, and reduces damage to your follicles.

                    Dairy, Meat, and Oily Fish

                      Now, you might already know about the benefits of vitamin B12. It is commonly found in meat, fair, and fish. By adding these three to your diet, you can counter hair loss. There are eight B vitamins that convert food into energy and support healthy hair and skin. For instance, Vitamin B6 increases oxygenated blood flow to the hair follicle and ensures healthy hair growth. Similarly, Vitamins B1 and B2 are called riboflavin and they help with hair growth. It is quite easy to add these vitamins to your diet as they are found in various vegetables. You can make a pea and leek risotto with fennel and beetroot salad to get all your B vitamins.

                        Seeds and Nuts

                          A great way to boost healthy hair growth is by eating seeds and nuts. You can easily add them to your diet. Some ways that you can add them are by sprinkling them on breakfast, having them as a snack, and making salads that contain them. For instance, you should add pumpkin seeds to a sweet potato soup to get Vitamin C, iron, selenium, zinc, and magnesium. The best thing about zinc is that it supports your oil glands. As for selenium, it protects your body from free radicals.


                              Figs are also a great option if you want to improve healthy hair growth. They contain various follicle-loving minerals and vitamins such as B vitamins and Vitamin C. Since finding fresh figs can be difficult during the winter, you can always make do with dried figs. They taste amazing with lamb or in a casserole.


                                  Aubergines are packed with Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium. They are a powerhouse of hair-loving nutrients. You can also add iron-rich tomatoes while preparing them along with some parmesan to increase your protein intake. Not only are aubergines easy to make, but they are extremely delicious.


                                      Since eggs are packed with protein and iron, they are crucial for hair growth. As you might already know, hair is made from a protein known as keratin. To ensure healthy hair growth, you need plenty of protein in your diet. If you do not have sufficient protein, your hair would get dry. However, vegans will need to substitute eggs with nuts, beans, and lentils.


                                      Follow a Balanced Diet

                                      Now that you know the best foods for healthy hair growth, it is time that you followed a balanced diet that consisted of proteins, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. To promote a healthy scalp and hair growth, you need to eat a variety of foods as they will provide you with all the nutrients you need for healthy, shiny hair. Make sure to keep your body well-hydrated as it is easy to forget about hydration.

                                      Moreover, dehydration prevents hair growth which is why you need to drink more water. Do not forget to keep your scalp free of build-up. It will help promote hair growth. Lastly, you need to use a gentle, cleansing shampoo that does not strip your hair of essential oils. If you still have more questions about hair growth, you should always feel free to get in touch with a doctor or hair specialist who will help guide you every step of the way. Take care of your hair to look your best. Never compromise on what you eat.