How to Keep Your Hair Healthy This Winter?

As the air outside gets colder during winter, your hair are likely to suffer. On the other hand, the air inside tends to be dry and you are likely to deal with static electricity, hat hair, and harsh water treatment chemicals. Thus, winter gives our hair a beating. However, it is possible to keep your healthy when the going gets tough. In fact, what you need to do is treat your hair like cashmere sweater.

Firstly, you must limit how often you use an iron to beat your hear. Besides, you must avoid overheating your hair with a dryer. Since hair is a fiber, you have to treat it as such. Everyone has different types of hair which is why you have to treat it gently.

Why You Must Brush Your Hair Gently?

When it comes to brushing your hair during the winter, you have to take things lightly, especially if it is wet. As wet hair is fragile, you need to comb it until it becomes less damp. You have to be even gentler if it is drier than usual. Air drying is always a better option as it uses less heat. It is recommended that you skip out the styling tools. A wide-tooth brush that has smooth-coated prongs is recommended for regular brushing.

Color Is Harmful and Bleaching Is Even Worse

Now, you must keep in mind that hair lightening or bleaching is possibly the worst thing that you can do as it would break down the proteins and fatty acids. Besides this, it would take a very long time for the hair to recover. The reason behind recovery taking much longer is that your hair is drier during the winter. However, there are some color treatments which are safer. Hence, you must do some digging.

Moreover, how frequently you color your hair also plays a huge role. It is best if you can avoid color altogether or you could simply opt for partial highlights instead of all-over color. Toners would also damage your hair which is why you must use one sparingly. If you have no option but to color your hair, you should space out chemical services to prevent damage.

Style Trends You Must Avoid During Winter

There are some style trends that can end up wreaking havoc on your hair. It is due to this reason that you have to pay attention to how you style your strands. If your hair is pulled back tightly using an accessory, it would break your hair. Similarly, putting your hair in a bun using a rubber band would cause breakage. You must follow our advice if you have color treated or damaged hair. You must gently twist the strands if you do opt for braids and buns. Make sure to pick softer styles since tight twists and braids bend your hair. You must be careful when adding a hair accessory.

Combat Winter Static Electricity

When moisture is unable to penetrate your hair strands, it causes static electricity on your hair. It is caused by the dry air during winter and the build-up of substances such as silicone which changes your hair composition. If you take off the winter hat and the air is very dry, the static would remain on your hair strands which would lead to the molecular charges repelling against the strands. This is why you have to moisture your hair to deal with static electricity. Not only are hydrated hair better and keeping the strands bonded together and heavier in weight, but they also add moisture changes.

How Often Should One Wash Their Hair During Winter?

The amount of oil your scalp produces influences how often you should wash your hair. The fact is that your scalp is an extension of the skin. It tends to get dry during the colder months. Hence, you have no option but to moisturize it using a conditioner or oil. On the other hand, if you have oily hair, you will need to wash it every day to keep your scalp clean. As for chemically-treated hair, it has to be washed less often.

After you have washed your hair, you need to apply a conditioner based on your hair type. What the conditioner does is that it helps bind the hair fiber to make it stronger. It also helps deter static electricity. Products like oil, leave-in conditioner, and hydrating shampoo help fight the static electricity. There is no reason to skip out your haircut during the winter. When you get your hair trimmed every 6 weeks, it ensures that the damaged ends get removed and it also promotes healthy growth. You can rely on your stylist to find out how often you should get a trim.

Importance of a Healthy Diet

Hair health is also influenced by what you eat. For instance, if you restrict your diet to certain food groups, it would affect your hair. Thus, you might need to turn to supplements. Generally, it is a good idea to add Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and iron along with biotin to help hair and nails. A balanced diet is necessary for getting essential nutrients. Make sure to get a good multi-vitamin to replenish the ones you lack.

Stress Causes Hair to Fall Out

If there is one thing that you must avoid during the winter, it is stress. There is no denying that winter brings its fair share of stress, from having to prep for the holiday season to longer morning commutes. Besides, your diet could also be affected during the festivities. Stress elevates our adrenal glands and activates the receptors at the hair follicle level which results in a shed. Hence, you must reduce your stress.

Use the Best Hair Products During Winter

Lastly, you need to use the best hair products once it gets cold. As temperatures drop, you cannot compromise on hair products. Add the following products to your shopping list to keep your hair healthy this winter.

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The above hair products have been crafted to help protect your hair no matter how cold it might be. Only the best ingredients have been used to ensure that you receive the care that you deserve.